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HOWTO figure out the hardware versionEdit

Sagem or InventelEdit

If the sticker reads Sagemit is Sagem. Otherwise it is Inventel. If the yellow and red stickers are to the right of the RJ45 ethernet connectors, it is Sagem. Otherwise it is Inventel.

Hardware versionsEdit

By dates

  • september 2004 : livebox Résidentiel
  • april 2005 : livebox Pro
  • september 2006 : shipping of version 1.1
  • start shipping & test on version 1.2

By country

  • France :
    • LiveBox Pro (Inventel version pro version 1.0 & 1.1)
    • LiveBox classic codename résidentielle, existing models: Inventel DV4210-WA, Sagem F@st 3202 (version 1.0 & 1.1)
    • LiveBox FTTH (Sagem 3274)
    • LiveBox THD & Business LiveBox : only commercial categories
  • UK : Inventel version 1.0 & 1.1
  • Spain : Inventel version 1.0 & 1.1
  • Netherlands : Sagem F@st 3202 (version 1.x)
  • Switzerland : Sagem F@st 3202 (version 1.x)
  • Poland/TPSA : Sagem F@st3202 (version 1.x)

By model

  • Inventel LiveBox v1 mips Linux kernel 2.4.17 or 2.6.12
  • Sagem LiveBox v1 mips Linux kernel 2.4.18
  • Thomson LiveBox v2 mips Linux kernel 2.6.12
  • Sagem LiveBox v2 mips Linux kernel 2.6.12


Installation mediaEdit

The content of the liveboxEdit

The Free Software it containsEdit

HOWTO watch it boot over the serial portEdit

  1. build a serial cable as shown at and connect cable to serial port on PC
  2. start minicom (linux) or hyperterminal (windows) or your favourite comms program
  3. set relevant ports comms parameters to 115200,n,8,1
  4. power on Livebox and follow to boot process on screen.
  5. On the current version of RedBoot you cannot use Ctrl-C to break into the RedBoot boot process.
  6. When the boot process stops at the prompt for a username, on v5.08.11-fr, root and test are the only enabled accounts that will start a shell but the passwords are not known, ftp and nobody have accounts but do not start a shell.

HOWTO extract the file systemEdit

There are a few different ways of extracting the filesystem and it all depends on what type of access you have to the Livebox.

  1. If you have no access but do have a firmware file you can extract the filesystem from the DWB file. See for more details.
  2. If you have command line access, you could tar the complete filesystem onto a USB or NFS drive. See on how to mount an NFS drive and on how to mount a USB drive.
  3. If you have command line access you could also dump the relevant CRAMFS or SQSHFS (/dev/mtd1,/dev/mtd2) partitions to the mounted drive and then extract the filesystem from the image. See and for more details.
  4. If you have JTAG access you could extract the filesystem partitions using HairyDairyMaids utility. See for more details.

HOWTO flash the firmwareEdit

There are a couple of different ways to flash a new filesystem, depending on the kernel version you have. gives details.

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